Stroudsburg Realtor Completes Short Sales & Foreclosures Course

Stroudsburg – Christine A. Wilkins, Executive VP/General Manager, is pleased to announce that Stroudsburg-based Realtor, Thomas Waslowski, has recently completed the training for short sales and foreclosures. Part of The Trinity Group along with Alex Camaerei, Realtor and Erika Huber, Realtor, Waslowski completed the SFR Designation in late March and is ready to take on the process of foreclosures and short sales for the team. “For many realtors, short sales and foreclosures are a common daily transaction. Tom now has the know-how to help sellers with short sales and to assist buyers in finding and completing the process of foreclosures and short sales,” said Wilkins. “The complexity of short sales and foreclosures sometimes deter people from the process, but agents [...]