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Stroudsburg – United Country Legacy Auction & Realty hosted a free appraisal day and silent auction on July 25th at the BHG Business Campus.  Richard Coccodrilli, Jr., PA Auctioneer/ Appraiser and owner of United Country Legacy Auction & Realty (ay002051) spent the day appraising antiques of all kinds, Americana, folk art, coins, jewelry, watches, scrap gold, military collectibles, knives, firearms, vintage toys, original artwork, musical instruments and more.  All of the appraising was for free.

Said Coccodrilli, “Our ‘Value Your Valuables’ Free Appraisal Day is an event where the public can get that dusty antique out of the closet (that’s been just sitting there for years) and have us give them, for free, the market value.   Bringing in your heirlooms to an auctioneer/appraiser has been done before on television and we just adapted to doing it locally as a service to our customers and clients.  The event was a huge success.”

United Country Legacy Auction & Realty also hosted a silent auction online (and in person) of a selection of different items including coins, jewelry, knick-knacks and other small items of interest.  A customer who wasn’t here was able to bid online and if the customer attended the event the customer bid in person.  At the end of the day, the majority of the items were sold.

Coccodrilli said, “Our slogan was ‘bring your valuables to this great event for a free appraisal and… could go home a winner!”

Susan Lang & Rich CoccodrilliThe event was from 11 am to 2 p.m. and held at the BHG Business Campus located on Business Route 209 in Stroudsburg.  Coccodrilli, along with his partner, Susan Lang, have an office Suite at the BHG Business Campus.  Owners of the items to be appraised were able to bring their articles in and then sit with Coccodrilli in a private conference room.  You could see the excitement on the customer’s face when Coccodrilli told them what (they thought was junk) the appraised piece was worth.  Others simply said ‘thank you’; it was given to them by a relative and the value was sentimental.  “There’s nothing wrong with sentimental value.” said Coccodrilli.

Joining United Country Legacy Auction & Realty was celebrity guest Darryl Gay of American Gold & Diamond Buyers a renowned appraiser of diamonds and gold located in East Hanover, New Jersey.  Said Gay, “The best part of the day is when I appraised a diamond ring which was worth $25,000.  Obviously, the owner of that piece was very pleased.”

Darryl Gay

Gay became a household name in the appraisal and auction business when he started American Gold & Diamonds Buyers by hosting gold parties at peoples’ homes.  “We started by doing one simple gold party and soon learned that it was a very viable way to sell gold and silver; everyone made money, including the host of the party.  Our business and the persons buying our jewelry got a good bargain without the so-called middle-man.” Gay stated.  Gay has a retail location at 64 NJ Route 10, East Hanover, NJ 07936.

“Darryl always has a loyal following at these Value Your Valuables – Free Appraisal Day events.  People respect his expertise in appraising or buying or selling gold and diamonds.  That’s his real specialty.” said Coccodrilli.

In addition to buying and selling gold and diamonds, Gay also does a number of larger estate sales in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area.  It’s not unusual for companies such as United Country Legacy Auction and Realty and American Gold & Diamond Buyers to partner together in an auction, depending on the size, the items to be auction, the location and other factors.

Said Gay, “Rich and I have been doing these free appraisal days for a number of years and our “Value Your Valuables’ Free Appraisals has been a popular event wherever we go.”

“Value Your Valuables”- Free Appraisals, because of its success, will be held three times a year by United Country Legacy Auction & Realty.  The next free appraisal day and silent auction is scheduled for some time in October at the BHG Business Campus.

“We have a lot of parking at the BHG Business Campus, it’s a great room for the event which includes a private conference room where we can value someone’s articles in privacy while still holding our silent auction on-site and online.” stated Coccodrilli.

Christine A. Wilkins, General Manager of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates said, “What a great time.  I had 2 pieces of art appraised and bought three beautiful rings at the silent auction.  Rich and Susan along with their team work closely with our Realtors for those BHG sellers who have to move and unload a house full of furnishings.  Rich and Susan go in and sell the household items so the seller does not have to give them to the Salvation Army, or pay for disposal so what would have been a cost to the seller ends up becoming an income stream.  To the best of my knowledge, we’re the only Realtors who offer that type service.”

United Country Legacy Auction & Realty is a member of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates Independent Family of Home Buying Services.  When buyers purchase a home through Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates or sell a home through Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates they are offered an array of professional services from mortgages, attorneys, title and settlement services, auctioning, insurance, utility hook-up services and, of course, Management services through Wilkins’ other company, NEPA Management Associates.

If you are thinking of having an auction, hosting a gold party or need to value an estate, you can email Coccodrilli at or visit them at Suite 710 in the BHG Business Campus.

You can connect with Darryl Gay owner and founder of American Gold and Diamond Buyers at or call the store at (973) 451-1400.

Watch Facebook for the next “Value Your Valuables” – Free Appraisal Day & Silent Auction coming to the BHG Business Campus in October 2016.