Grace Moro

Bushkill – Lynn Wilklow, Sales Manager announced the hiring of Grace Moro to the position of Salesperson.  Moro, who attended the Pocono Real Estate Academy, completed the required courses and passed the State exam.  Moro then joined the Better Homes and Gardens Bushkill office.

Moro was raised in New York and moved to The Glen at Tamiment 1 and ½ years ago.  Said Charlie McQuillan, Realtor, “I’ve known Grace since she moved to The Glen at Tamiment, that’s where I live.  Grace always had the desire to get into real estate and I urged her to get her license.  Now, not only is she a neighbor, she sits at the desk right next to me!”  McQuillan as her recruiting agent will act as a mentor to Moro and in addition to that will receive referrals on Moro’s sales for life.

Said Christine A. Wilkins, Exec V.P., “We have a very aggressive recruiting plan for our agents who bring new people to the firm.  Typically, that agent will then become the recruit’s mentor which is a scheduled business plan to make sure that the new agent gets started on the right foot and becomes an active and producing Realtor.  Our mentor plan has proved itself over and over again.”

Wilkins & Associates has 4 offices in the Poconos and are expected to increase their sales force to anywhere between 100 and 120 Realtors.  Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “Because business has picked up already, and with an anticipated busy summer, now is really the time for anyone who has an interest to get into real estate; and that’s what we’re seeing.  For the past couple of months, our Recruiters have hired people who are new to the industry as well as a large percentage of persons who were in real estate, got out because of the recession and now see the “writing on the wall” and want to get back into the business.  Because they are familiar with the marketing that we do as well as Matching Marketing Dollars and other promotions to grow their business, we’re very comfortable with that number of agents.”

Prior to the recession, the Wilkins organization had 14 offices throughout the Poconos, Lehigh Valley and NE Pennsylvania region.  Because of the recession, Wilkins and his staff successfully downsized to 2 offices and now are in the process of looking at new locations as well as fine-tuning the existing offices.  Wilkins further stated, “We want to make sure all the seats are filled in our existing offices and are extremely cautious in expanding with bricks and mortar and possibly falling into the trap of having too much overhead.  Also, today’s Realtor can have an expanded market being an online Agent.”

Wilkins currently has 4 offices, but the areas that Wilkins covers is greater today than it was at the height of the market.  Primarily Wilkins attributes that to the internet and not necessarily having to have an office in a market area in which the Agent chooses to do business.

Visit Wilkins’ new website at www.BHGwilkins.comThe friendliest site for Real Estate.