Stroudsburg – Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, announced the hiring of four new Sales Associates for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins located at the BHG Business Campus, 7164 Route 209, Stroudsburg.  Hired were Joseph “Joey” Wiesmeth, Realtor; Sarah Hussein, Realtor; Kim Marie Farlow, Realtor; and Mark Hodgson, Realtor.


Joey Wiesmeth graduated from Pleasant Valley HS in 2011 and resides in Saylorsburg.  Wiesmeth is a December 2018 graduate of the Pocono Real Estate Academy, took all the required courses and passed the required real estate exam receiving his license in mid-March 2019.  Prior to joining the BHG sales team, Wiesmeth attended Allegheny College where he received his BS in Environment Science in 2015.  Wiesmeth is an avid outdoorsman, an excellent golfer and enjoys salt-water fishing along the Florida west coast.

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, “Joey comes from a local family that’s very familiar with the Pocono Real Estate industry and his prior work experience as a waiter at Desaki and Trackside further add to his customer service skills.  Our prediction is that Joey will be a big success with the company.” 


Sarah H was recruited by Paul James, Realtor and she will become the second member of The Paul James Team.  Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, Sarah has lived in the Poconos for the past 18 years in Kunkletown. 

Sarah H. is an online graduate of the Pocono Real Estate Academy.  Sarah’s prior work experience includes retail work from 2010 through 2013; a flight attendant from 2014 – 2016, a Wedding Decorations Designer, and most recently a Pre-school teacher and a Paparazzi (accessories) Independent Consultant.

Said Paul James, Realtor, “I am very much looking forward to working with Sarah as a team.  I have been Rookie of the Year with Better Homes and Gardens and selling real estate for the past two years.  Having a partner is something I’ve looked forward to.”


Kim Marie Farlow, Realtor, is originally from New Jersey and currently resides in Forks Township, Northampton County. Farlow is a Scott White Institute August 2018 graduate, took the required courses and passed the required Real Estate exam and received her real estate Salesperson’s license in late 2018. 

Farlow has a Bachelors’ Degree in Economics and a Masters’ Degree in Management.  Said Farlow, “I worked in the insurance industry for 25 years in various senior level management roles.  I want to bring those management skills to the real estate side of business.  I was very successful with insurance and hope to incorporate that learning as a fulltime Realtor.”

Farlow remains a licensed insurance broker and a member of the CPCU Society (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters).


Mark Hodgson, Realtor, was recruited by Dennis Mooney, Associate Broker.  Hodgson has lived in the Poconos for 51 years and resides in Stroudsburg.  Hodgson is a graduate of the Barbara Samet Realty School/Academy.  Hodgson obtained his Real Estate license in 2005.  Prior to joining BHG, Hodgson sold for Pat Forney Real Estate and was Rookie of the Year with Becky Freeman Real Estate. 

Said Mooney, “Mark has been around the real estate industry for a number of years now; I think he’s finally found a great home with the BHG team.  He’s smart, knows our area and is definitely familiar with what it takes to be a successful salesperson.  I wish him well.”


Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates is a 31 year-old company and have four offices in the Pocono Mountains.  All offices are open 7 days a week.  Please feel free to visit Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates at, or on any of the BHG Facebook pages, on LinkedIn and on all major home-selling websites.