Las Vegas – Thomas R. and Christine A. Wilkins, owners of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates recently attended FUSION an annual four day Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate event held in Las Vegas, NV.

The event in whole was the first Realogy Global Exchange (RGX).  Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “The RGX event is the first time in history that Realogy, our parent company who owns the licensing for ERA, Century 21, Coldwell Banker and of course, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, put all of the Broker/Owners of each brand in one room for the general sessions and other stage events hosted by RGX.”

RGX and Fusion was held in the conference room of the MGM Grand.  At the convention, there were specialized break-out classes that happened on the hour including digital marketing, back-room software ethics, panel discussions about ancillary businesses to the brokerage house, and artificial intelligence.

Wilkins further stated, “The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate brand is really the best licensee that Realogy has and we’re convinced Realogy wants to take BHGRE to the next level.  Appreciate the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine owned by Meredith Corporation, the largest publicly traded magazine producer, is a very big part of why there is a push to make Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate the premier lifestyle brand.”  “We’re not your same old traditional Broker anymore.” Wilkins added.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine has over 40 million readers and over 12 million visitors to their website every single month.  Meredith maintains a very comprehensive print and online campaign to drive awareness and generate leads.  Through attrition, those inquiries and leads are forwarded nationwide to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Brokers.  The 2019 BHG print campaign features full page ads in each of the 2019 issues of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. 

The new BHG campaign tagline is “starts with a home.”  As the industry’s lifestyle brand, BHG showcases how homeownership is central to the most important moments in a person’s life. 

Said Christine A. Wilkins, President/GM, “It was simply unbelievable the energy that flowed through the convention.  We met face to face with vendors we’ve been doing business with for years; we got to see new products, we talked to vendors and forged a stronger relationship; and that’s important to me.”  “Also, the content and the emphasis on social media, in particular online analysis coupled with unique local insight and content generated by the network about neighborhoods, schools and individual properties were literally second to none.” Christine also stated.

One thing that the Wilkins came away with from the RGX event was homeownership starts online.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was the buzz word of the day.  Now, companies can actually process algorithms to tell you much more than just the person’s name, email and telephone number.  This “insight”, while being new, is something that BHG Agents will see in their leads over in the next few months.  “It sounds a little scary, but in reality it will allow us to assist that buyer or seller or in our case, a tenant.  That’s what I took away from the event.” said Wilkins.

The 2nd day of Fusion, Sherry Chris, CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, hosted a one-on-one with the Property Brothers, Jonathan & Drew Scott.  “That was really enjoyable.  Those guys were just fantastic to watch.” laughed Christine Wilkins.

The RGX event ended with a private concert by Imagine Dragons.  The Wilkinses had front row section seats to view the performance.  “Say what you want, that was one hellava good time.  I loved every minute of it.” boasted Christine Wilkins.

Wilkins and Associates was the first Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Broker in Realogy’s franchise system.  When Better Homes and Gardens launched the brand, along with Meredith in San Diego in 2008, Thomas R. Wilkins was televised on stage and announced as being the first Broker to join the network.  Wilkins still enjoys that honor and recognition today, 11 years later.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates have four offices.  Please feel free to visit us at, or on any of our BHG Facebook pages, on LinkedIn and in all major home-selling websites.